When looking for a nursing school, you should always look at the services a school offers you. For instance, does a school offer faculty mentoring? This is a vey important f to consider. Faculty mentoring goes a long way to provide well grounded training. When you have a mentor as a student, you have an advantage. You have someone that can show you the way when you need it. You have someone who can talk to you about what is expected of you as a nurse. Tutoring is also something else to consider. A school that provides you with tutoring is more appealing. The facilities that a school offers you should be the best. You must find out if a particular nursing school has a good research library. A computer laboratory is also very essential in this day and age. Find out if the classroom are well furnished and conducive for learning. These are some of the services you should be looking for in nursing schools in Iowa. Choose a school that fits your needs in terms of services and facilities offered.

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